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The December 1 and 2 Collage concerts were a great way to begin the month of December and the holiday season!  An enormous thank you to the MVHS students and faculty who presented a great show — four times in two days!  And, another incredibly huge thank you to the parents and volunteers whose dedication and support were vital to make Collage happen — we could not have done it without you!

Once again, the Mission Impossible student team  pulled off the “impossible” task of the set change logistics behind the scenes at Collage.  This amazing group of MVHS students worked diligently on the stage quietly moving chairs, stands, etc. in preparation for the next act.  Kudos to this group of students for all of their seamless hard work.

It takes much time and energy from many parents to put on this event.  In fact, it is the biggest event supported by the Association of Music Parents (AMP) each year.

By the numbers (sung to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas):

  • 840 students singing and/or playing
  • 25 different acts performing
  • 11 faculty leading
  • 4 concerts humming
  • 426 positions filled for volunteering
  • 187 parent volunteers working
  • 79 parents who volunteered for 2 (or more) positions returning
  • 1,140 volunteer hours logging
  • 271 poinsettias decorating
  • 840 donuts serving
  • 50 Mission Impossible students preparing
  • 250 Collage Concert CDs ordering
  • 882 auditorium seats (x 4 concerts = 3528!) filling

A special thank you to the AMP parent volunteers who served as Chairpersons for Collage:

  • Alex Klopp (Event Chairperson)
  • Elyse Degen (Tickets)
  • Anu Baloo and Shyamla Narayan (Beautification)
  • Beth Reiman (Poinsettias)
  • Keith Biegelmann (Ushers)
  • Carolyn Cuzzone (Faculty Meals)
  • Jody Burleyson and Debbie Hagel (CDs)
  • Jeanne Sheehan (Donut Day)
  • Kelly Sherwood, Kathy Kiefer and Dina Bradshaw (Show Facilitators)
  • Linda Watkins (Volunteer Coordinator)

Collage Concert CDs

Please remember that Collage Concert CDs will be delivered during the week of December 19. If you have questions about the CDs, please contact your student’s music teacher.

Senior Group Photos

Senior group photos taken on 12/1 will be available for purchase in March with two options:

  1. Senior plaque with engraved names of group members (band, chorus or orchestra)
  2. Individual photos (5″ x 7″ or 8″ x 10″)

Happy Holidays!

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