Collage is almost here! Year after year, concertgoers are delighted by Collage! The concerts will take your breath away. Collage showcases the amazing talent of 800 Metea music students under the brilliant direction of the Metea music staff.

Collage has two shows on December 1 and 2, 2016, each evening at 6:00 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.  Every music student participates in all four concerts. Collage is a District 204 tradition with each concert featuring a seamless 90 minute program with an incredible finale featuring all 800 music students.

Please continue reading below for important info on:

  • volunteers

  • extra ticket distribution

  • important tips for parents 

  • student corner (poinsettia sales, dress rehearsal, performance evenings, senior photos)


You can help make Collage an amazing night for both the performers and attendees!  

Collage cannot happen without the support of our music parents. Thanks to many MVHS music parents who have already volunteered (many in multiple slots!)  We are halfway there! Collage still needs  179 parents to work behind the scenes! We encourage you to choose a volunteer position to support all the Metea music students who have worked so hard to prepare for these shows…they need your support! There are many types of opportunities to suit your interests and availability.  Please sign up on the SignUpGenius link.


Once all performer tickets have been distributed, we offer several opportunities for community members or students who need extra tickets. 90 minutes before a ticket distribution session (below), please visit for the latest on ticket availability.

  • Friday, 11/11 (6:00 – 9:00 PM) in A133. Only 2 tickets will be distributed per person.
  • Saturday, 11/12 (8:00 – 11:00 AM) in Music Theory Room (in music hallway). This session will only take place if there are still available tickets. Only 2 tickets will be distributed per person.
  • Wednesday, 11/30 (7:30 – 8:15 PM) at the MVHS Ticket Office (north end of auditorium lobby). Only 2 tickets will be distributed per person. The only tickets that will be available that night are extra tickets that have been turned in by students from 11/12 -11/30 and are being redistributed.
  • 12/1 and 12/2 (show nights) – Only 2 tickets will be distributed per person. All tickets turned in on those days will be redistributed at the ticket window 30 minutes before each show.
  • Ticket questions can be directed to


Before the show…

  • It is recommended that you arrive 30 minutes before the start of each show.  Please allow for traffic delays and parking!
  • As there are only 45 minutes between shows, the MVHS parking lots are the busiest between 7:30 PM – 8:15 PM.
  • Because the 90-minute show is seamless, opportunities for late seating will be at the discretion of the usher team under the direction of the faculty. 
  • The first  opportunity for late seating will likely be 15 minutes after the show has begun.
  • Students are required to arrive at MVHS by 5:00 PM on both performance evenings.
  • As there is not a coat check, please consider leaving any larger items at home or in your vehicle.
  • For ease of seating, it is requested that attendees enter the auditorium as follows: upper left/lower left seats – use south entrance doors closest to MVHS office;  upper right/lower right – use north entrance doors.  Attendees with center seating may enter from either entrance.  Ushers will be available to help you.
  • Auditorium doors will open at 5:40 PM and 7:55 PM. 

Collage Tips…

  • As the show is continuous, please hold all applause until the very end of the performance.
  • Photography and videoing is not allowed during the performance!
  • Student Musicians will be performing in the lobby before each show. Come early to enjoy their music.
  • Poinsettia fundraising is an opportunity for students to earn money for their individual student account. Order forms will be distributed to students on 11/1 and orders are due 11/14. Poinsettias adorn the auditorium lobby for all Collage shows.
  • Poinsettia distribution will follow the final 12/2 performance. You will be instructed to pick up poinsettia(s) in the lobby outside the rear of the auditorium: Orchestra (big tree at south end), Band (table at northeast end) and Chorus (adjacent to ticket booth at north end).
  • Collage Concert CDs to include the entire audio-only performance will be on sale each performance evening. The concert will not be live streamed and not available on Sound Cloud. The CD cost is $25.00 ($20.00 for music patrons), and cash or checks (payable to AMP) are accepted. Bills larger than $50.00 cannot be accepted. The Music Faculty will also accept CD orders through 12/7. Please use the order form in the program. CDs will be delivered to the students during finals week.
  • At the concerts, there will be a decorated area where families can take photos (with their own cameras or devices) to commemorate the evening. Between shows, students will have until 7:55 PM to visit with their families before returning to their assigned classrooms.
  • Each performing group is assigned a classroom where they can relax and study while not performing. Each room will have a parent monitor to administer student guidelines, provided to parent volunteers. When not performing, students need to stay in the classrooms at all times unless using a restroom. PLEASE NOTE: There is no food allowed in the classrooms!
  • Please ensure your student has a hearty meal before arriving on performance evenings.


POINTSETTIA SALES – Forms will be sent home with students on 11/1 and orders are due on 11/14.

DRESS REHEARSAL (11/30) – all students are required to attend from 5:45 – 9:00 PM.  Concert dress is not required.

PERFORMANCE EVENINGS (12/1 and 12/2) – all students are required to arrive by 5:00 PM in full concert dress.

SENIOR PHOTOS (12/1) – all Seniors need to report to the auditorium stage at 4:45 PM in full concert dress.  Band, Chorus and Orchestra Senior group photos will be taken.

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